Phone call and text message medical scams

Unfortunately scammers have started pretending to be from doctor practices in text messages and phone calls now.

The below example seems to be going to a lot of people's phones at random right now. Like most medical practices these days, we do sometimes send text messages to patients for things like appointment reminders etc.

You wont ever get a text from us that "You've got a new voicemail from your doctor" though.

If you are ever concerned that a message from "your doctor" doesn't look right (eg it's not like our previous messages), you might want to call our reception to confirm if it's from us.

Also please be wary of phone calls that don't seem right. Some scammers are calling pretending to be from a doctor's surgery and doing things like offering a new direct prescription service (this is where they might ask for your credit card info). If you get a call claiming to be from "your doctor" that doesn't sound right, it's good to just hang up and call us to make sure that you are actually speaking to your GP's practice



If you have cold and flu type symptoms or a fever and have recently traveled to a hotspot area or have been in contact with a confirmed case please tell us before coming into the practice

Alternatively call Health Direct on 1800 022 222 and follow their advice
Click the following link for the most current information from NSW Health




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(Please do not email sensitive personal medical information as there are risks of emailed information being leaked and exposed)