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All results are checked by the doctors. If a result requires follow up or an explanation, a staff member will contact you to make an appointment as per your doctors request.


If you wish to check if results are back, please phone reception staff AFTER 2pm.  Results usually take 2-7 days to receive.  If results are normal you WILL NOT be contacted by us.  If you wish to discuss results an appointment MUST be made with your doctor.


Please note that results can not be given out to a third party or over the phone due to privacy laws.  If you ring to check if results are available reception staff can not give details regarding results, they can only inform you as to if an appointment is necessary or not.


It is our policy that non clinical queries will be taken by reception staff and clinical queries be triaged by Practice Nurses as appropriate. Messages will then be followed up appropriately, with a return call from the doctor, nurse or receptionist.

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