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Consultations are by appointment, but the doctors will see urgent cases as needed. Please ensure you have an appointment time allocated for each family member attending the doctor. If you are unable to keep your appointment, please ring and let us know. Repeated non attendances without notification will incur a charge. 

Please request your doctor of choice at the time of booking your appointment.

You are able to book online via the homepage of our website (or click here)

MMPCC is a teaching practice and your GP may at times have a medical student working with them who may consult with you as well. You will be informed of this prior to your consultation and we will seek your consent for the student to be present. 

Longer consultations:
Longer appointments are available and may be required for various reasons such as procedures, counselling and medicals. If you feel you may need an extended appointment, please let the receptionist know so that they can allocate extra time. 

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