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We are a PRIVATE billing practice and all fees are payable at the time of consultation - we do not run accounts and any outstanding fees need to be resolved before your next appointment. We can process your Medicare claim instantly to a debit card, or within a few days to your bank account registered with Medicare.  If there are any difficulties regarding this, please speak to our Practice Manager so alternate arrangements can be made.  EFTPOS, Credit Card (MasterCard and Visa), and cash are all accepted.


A list of usual fees is displayed in the waiting room and the consultation rooms. EFTPOS is available. A discount rate is available for pension card holders.


Aged pensioners and children under 16 are bulk billed at our discretion, although if you do not have your medicare card and pension details with you on request, you will need to pay the current rate for the doctors visit and claim your refund from Medicare.

Aged pensioners and children under the age of 16 are bulk billed, although if you do not have your current Medicare and pension details, you will have to pay the current rate for the visit and claim your refund from Medicare.

All childhood immunisation is bulk billed. Please ensure that you always have your "blue books" with you.

Procedural Fees for skin

The fees for skin cancer surgeries are charged in 2 parts.  The first is a fee on the day to cover consumables used on day and any follow up dressings and nurse expenses (usually between $90-$150 per lesion).  The 2nd fee covers the doctors fee and is dependent on the pathology result of the lesion, its location and size, so the final fees will not be known until your follow up appointment. Your GP will be able to provide you with an estimate for each lesion. If other issues are discussed within your procedural consultation unrelated to the lesion, an additional fee may be charged depending on the duration of the consultation

Consultations that attract a Private (Out of Pocket) Fee

Following consultations will be billed privately and may not attract a rebate from Medicare:

  • Patients who are not registered or do not have a current Medicare Card.

  • Worker's compensation, Motor Vehicle Accidents and related consultations (will be billed directly to insurance after the claim has been approved and claim number has been issued)

  • Pre-employment medical assessment and related investigations

  • Medicals for other purposes i.e. General, Insurance and Legal

  • Driver licence medicals (private and commercial)

  • Fitness to Drive Assessments

  • Services you request your clinician to perform without your attendance at a consultation (such as providing a script, referral or completing a form).

  • Phone consultations when you have not had a face-to-face consult in over 12 months.

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