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Home Visits

Doctors and other practice staff make visits to regular patients of our practice where it is safe and reasonable. These visits may be to patients in their homes, residential aged care facility, residential care facility, or hospital both within and outside normal opening hours where such visits are deemed safe. 

All patients are made aware that home visits or a suitable care alternative, are available both within and outside normal opening hours via signage on the building, our afterhours telephone message and from out patient information leaflet at reception and website.


Regular patients who meet the eligibility criteria are offered home visits.  


Any anticipated costs associated with home visits or alternative care systems are discussed with the patient.

A patient can arrange for a home visit if the criteria below are met:

•    Are well known and regular patients of this practice
•    live within a 2.5km radius of the practice
•    where it is deemed by the GP to be safe and reasonable
•    the patient has provided a phone number that you have called them back on
•    patient has the type of problem that necessitates a home visit such as:

  • acute illness

  • immobile

  • elderly

  • patients in final stages of terminal illness

  • unable to access the practice facilities due to disability

  • as long as it is not an emergency, all emergencies must ring 000 for immediate assistance


Our doctors home visit schedules are recorded in either before or after each session. 

Patients can request home visits however the final decision rests with the treating GP. Practice staff are not to book home or other visits without consulting the GP. 

Where it is unsafe or unreasonable to provide a patient with care at home or in another location outside the practice, patients are advised of alternative arrangements.  


If the doctor determines that a home visit is possible, there may be an out of pocket expense for the patient. The patient will be notified of this expense prior to the home visit consultation.

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