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2019 Survey response plan

We would like to thank our patients who provided feedback in our 2019 survey. This will assist us to make changes to improve experiences for all patients. The summary of the results can be viewed here

While we are pleased that 97% of patient ratings for the practice were either good, very good, or excellent, the feedback has helped us target 3 areas of improvement which had a lower satisfaction rating. 

We conducted staff meetings in 2020 and 2021 to discuss these and form a plan for improvement. 

These are:

After hours service

After hours care overall has been a bigger challenge for the town in the last few years with less doctor coverage at the hospital and no dedicated after hours GP services in our area. 

We have now introduced an after hours phone service roster for our GPs. The most current information on accessing this service can be obtained by phoning the regular practice number after hours and listening to our after hours message (02 6953 4333). Practice hours are 9am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday.


Wating time in surgery

While this is a challenge for most medical services due to unexpected delays, we will strive to improve your experience where we can. 


We have a policy of informing patients of delays as they check in, or in the case of a GP running significantly behind, we will phone patients in case they would like to delay their arrival or reschedule. Through our staff meetings we have discussed and reaffirmed this approach to minimise inconvenience wherever possible. 


While our doctors do their best to avoid falling behind, sometimes urgent or complex issues arise during consultations arise requiring extra time. 

We ask that if you expect your appointment to be complex or lengthy to talk to our receptionists about booking a longer than standard appointment. It is also important that if multiple family members need to see the doctor to book an individual appointment for each family member. 


Home Visits


Due to resourcing and logistical considerations, we cannot accommodate every request for a home visit. 


When requesting a home visit, please be mindful of our criteria for booking these. We will endeavor to improve our communication around our criteria for home visits. 

A patient can arrange for a home visit if the criteria below are met:

•    Are well known and regular patients of this practice
•    live within a 2.5km radius of the practice
•    where it is deemed by the GP to be safe and reasonable
•    the patient has provided a phone number that you have called them back on
•    patient has the type of problem that necessitates a home visit such as:
•    acute illness
•    immobile
•    elderly
•    patients in final stages of terminal illness
•    unable to access the practice facilities due to disability
•    as long as it is not an emergency, all emergencies must ring 000 for immediate assistance

To read more information on our home visits policy, please click here

















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